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Electronic time clocks and time management systems are rapidly becoming a necessity in todays business environment. 

Time Savings

Manual punch cards and manually tracking employee time is an expensive and time consuming process that is repeated on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  In a typical pay period there are several  different steps.

  • Distribution and collection of the time collection media, time cards, time sheets, etc.
  • Calculation.  Computing the hours on a manual time card takes and average of 5 minutes per employee time card for a bi-weekly pay period.
  • Verification.  Verifying the hours/days worked by the employee
  • Breaking down the calculations into regular, overtime, sick pay, vacation, etc.
  • Entering the data.
  • Tracking and editing the records
  • Balancing the report totals to the control totals.
  • Manual entry of corrections.
  • Computer processing the final payroll.

Human Error

Calculation errors are inevitable in a manual time card system.  The American Payroll Association data shows and error rate of between 1 and 8% of total payroll in companies using traditional time cards.


Studies have shown that the average employee is overpaid for 10 minutes of work per day.  A manually prepared payroll will eventually contain an error.  If this error shorts the employee, your payroll department will surely hear about it.  The time spent researching the time and processing the payment is a costly expense.  If the error is in the employees favor, your payroll department will more than likely never hear about it, once again costing your company money.

A digital time clock and time management system can streamline this process saving you time and money.

  • easy to use and quick to learn
  • highly intuitive Set-Up Wizard
  • simplified tracking of all accruals, such as sick and vacation time
  • effectively and efficiently track FMLA leave
  • error checking system to evaluate time
  • punches against shift and pay policies
  • automatic email notification to supervisors when an employee has a timecard error
  • automatic time entries for approved absences
  • quick and easy spreadsheet scheduling option
  • edit schedules on-the-fly within the timecard
  • multiple overtime categories
  • time rounding based on settings you create
  • premium time and shift differentials
  • meal and break time reporting
  • handles flex time and split shifts
  • holiday and employee benefit management
  • consistent business rules-based processing
  • administrator security defines and restricts access
  • optional employee Self Service
  • optional Job Costing module
  • optional HR module
  • exports to all popular payroll programs

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